Berlin pop-up shop shows Dutch sustainable fashion

Dutch Sustainable Business and Design has taken over Prenzlauer Berg. The first ever ‘inspired pop-up-shop’ recently opened its doors in Berlin.

Situated in one of Berlins beloved and classic Ringbahn-shopping-malls, the Schönhauser Allee Arcaden, some 20 square metres jam packed with innovative and zeitgeisty yet sustainable fashion, accessories and general lifestyle products all coming from the Netherlands wait for a curious capital crowd to shop by.

Conveniently opened from 10 am to 9 pm the ‘inspired. re:shaping design for our future’ pop-up-shop greets its visitors until early 2018, thus time-wise bridging the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week where it will co-act as a stage for Dutch designers and products.

Curators Martiene Raven and Simon Angel compiled a well-selected label portfolio, covering some of the Netherlands most bespoken contemporary sustainable brands. Interactive talks and presentations on the innovative concepts of the participating labels, artists and studios will as well top off the pop-up-shop as some shindigs and other later then average gatherings.

In the pop-up-shop you may encounter the following Dutch labels: Afriek, Mud Jeans, Miss Green, Noumenon, Studio Jux, Unrobe, Myomy, Loop.a life, Fitzroy, and TAJ Amsterdam.