Directory opens Dutch world music scene

The Dutch World Directory 2017-2018 gives an overview of the world music scene in the Netherlands. The guide provides a helping hand by providing an overview of its prominent agents, archives, festivals, labels, media, musicians, promoters and venues.

The Dutch World Directory 2017-2018 is published by the World Music Forum NL (WMF), an NGO representing a grass-roots open source network for the Dutch world music industry. WMF was founded in 2006, providing a platform for the advancement and promotion of world music both domestically and abroad.


World music in the Netherlands is currently very much marked by crossovers while fostering innovative impulses into jazz, classical and pop. Think of the Indonesian rooted experiments of Boi Akih, the oriental adventures of Arifa and the astonishing improvisations of Senegalese singer Mola Sylla.

Surinam music is reinvented by Paramaribo born flute player Ronald Snijders. Klezmer never sounded so eclectic as The Amsterdam Klezmer Band, while tango nuevo got its new hero in Carel Kraayenhof.

Anarchopunkers The Ex turned into Exthiopians, Fernando Lameirinhas founded fado on new grounds. Living in exile in The Netherlands even ‘Mother maqam’, the fabulous Iraqi singer Farida Mohammad Ali, started to create her own crossover. She calls it ‘dozza jazz’, an east-west hybrid.

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