Create Energy

Energy-efficient solutions. How to get the consumer on board? How does this affect the desired products and offered (power) services for individual residents and what does it mean for the area? How can energy-efficient construction and renovation concepts be implemented and further developed? And what role can the Dutch creative industry play in this?

Last year the Dutch power sector, the creative industry, Netbeheer Nederland, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and five large municipalities concluded the Green Deal Smart Energy Cities, which aims to realise at least 100,000 energy-neutral buildings by the end of 2019. They wish to achieve this by implementing innovative products, services and concepts, not only in individual homes, but in group facilities in particular: flats, in parts of the town or city, in large buildings such as schools, hospitals or office buildings. A lot of attention is paid to the local collection and storage of power, balancing of networks and the services that enable consumers to really change their own individual behaviour in respect of power consumption. This will achieve the greatest savings throughout the energy chain. The trial/pilot has been completed and we are on our way to a full market volume.

The Dutch creative industry is here to help redesign these projects to achieve an effective approach towards end users. This can relate to data-driven services, such as interfaces, area design, the motivation and mobilisation of people in an area, supporting collectives, as well as providing input of the knowledge of the residential or built-up area.

Are you looking for parties to help you with Energy issues? Please feel free to contact Freek van 't Ooster of Create Energy,