Dutch healthcare is one of the best in the world. The average life expectancy is high in the Netherlands, about 81 years. Research has shown that the tallest people and the happiest children in the world live here. Our healthcare system is renowned worldwide. It was established 150 years ago, of a high standard and accessible for everyone.

We work hard to achieve a higher standard of care whilst successfully keeping the costs at a minimum. Our knowledge of the care chains and demands in the market and our experience with open public-private collaborations are extensive. The Dutch people are used to interacting with different cultures. We are able to determine the local requirements and know our way in hierarchical structures. That is why the Netherlands is eager to share its experiences with countries facing the same challenges, in order to inspire them and to improve healthcare together. (Source:

The healthcare sector and the creative industry have set up 'Create Health', in which they join forces and develop innovations to help tackle social issues. They work together to find solutions to deal with the issues of our time: the ageing population, chronic diseases suffered by the elderly and an unhealthy lifestyle. This includes the use of technologies such as gamification and robots which are set to determine future healthcare.

The program links the Dutch creative industry to the healthcare sector by bringing parties together, sharing knowledge and research programs, gaining access to financing and providing support in scaling up.

Are you looking for parties to help you with Health issues? Please feel free to contact Yolanda Gagliardi of Create Health, via