Dutch architects KCAP wins International Cruise Port City competition in China

KCAP has won the competition for the International Cruise Port City masterplan in Qingdao, China. The masterplan provides Qingdao with a high-density mixed-use environment for living, working and cruise tourism and creates a new gateway for the whole region: Qingdao Green Bay.


(Copyright: KCAP architecs and planners) 


The plan respects, transforms and integrates the heritage of the former port and opens the area towards the historic city. A strong public space framework is the driving force for the overall plan of the future Qingdao Cruise City.

The Green Bay concept is based on the realisation of the 5 km Green Bay Boulevard. This powerful spatial identity is the backbone of all developments and links the existing city in the south-east to the big bay in the north. It is generously planned with green and urban spaces, water and trees, parks and squares. Along the Boulevard, five central nodes around a park accommodate transport hubs with dense and high-rise developments. From here, a framework for a liveable city unfolds combining walkability and charm with density, efficiency and sustainability.

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