Dutch consortium launches The Spiral Tower

Four Dutch companies present the Spiral Tower, an innovative, sustainable and energy and space-saving variant of the traditional Ferris wheel. The Spiral Tower is an initiative of KCI The Engineers, Bosch Rexroth, HILLEBRAND and NorthernLight.

Several of the four companies involved previously also participated in the London Eye, the Ferris wheel in the middle of London. The four companies combine expertise in the field of high-quality engineering, electric motion technology, steel construction and experience design.

‘The innovative construction magically lets electric cabins roll up the tower, while generating energy on the way down,’ said Peter Doesburg, sales manager at Bosch Rexroth. Peter Slavenburg, director of NorthernLight, the design agency behind the concept, adds: ‘The cabin windows provide augmented reality information about special places in the city, historical highlights, new urban developments and sustainable initiatives.’

The operation of the 60 to 150 meter high tower is controlled by an intelligent control system that requires less energy and maintenance and maximizes efficiency. The Spiral Tower is made of a lightweight steel construction with round materials. Windmills and solar panels are integrated in the design. Compared to traditional high-rise attractions, the tower has an exceptionally small carbon footprint.

The consortium is already talking to several cities and expos worldwide that have shown interest in this attraction.

More information can be found on www.spiraltower.info