Dutch fashion on Chinese portal

HOLLAND© is a new Chinese language digital portal that introduces Dutch fashion, trends, Dutch consumer brands of fashion, home decoration design, lifestyle products. It is a B2B and B2C platform for companies, investors, media and end-users in China, who are interested in Dutch fashion.

HOLLAND© is the reliable information source about Dutch creative industry, focusing on fashion & lifestyle in the first place and secondly supplemented with affordable art and smaller interior design (gifts, notebooks, candles, ceramics). The portal also brings brand heritage stories of Dutch icons.

HOLLAND© is started by Chinese markting specialist Bei Wang who lives in the Netherlands since 2000, graphic and fashion designer Sinette Hesselink, and creative thinker Leontine Wagenaar. Their portal serves as a digital showroom, digital branding/marketing and online pavilion, which can be combined with offline showrooms, event stands and offline pavilions at related occasions. In the meantime, the initiators also offer integrated trend-concept- design-marketing services to Chinese (Fashion) brands.

For more information contact bei@hollandc.com