Dutch Graphic Roots portrayed in website

'Dutch Graphic Roots' is an English-language website, publishing portraits of designers who have been at the roots of Dutch graphic design culture. Every month a new portrait is put online.

Roots is a series of Dutch language publications aimed at generating attention to the roots of Dutch graphic design culture. The series is a collaboration of [Z]OO productions and Wilco Art Books and is wholeheartedly supported by BNO, Pictoright and Wim Crouwel Instituut.

So far, almost 50 ‘cahiers’, each dedicated to one of Dutch design’s masters, have been published, including portraits of Walter Nikkels, Jan van Toorn, Benno Wissing, Wim Crouwel, Ootje Oxenaar, Guus Ros, Ben Bos, Jaap Drupsteen, and Anthon Beeke.  

To meet international demand for Roots, [Z]OO productions has started an English language website called ‘Dutch Graphic Roots’. Each first of the month a new written and illustrated portrait will be published online. Already online are articles about Walter Nikkels, Jan van Toorn, and Eugene Bay (founder of VBAT).


From left to right: Eugene Bay, Jan van Toorn, Walter Nikkels