Dutch Tinker designs € 10 mln open house for Nestlé

Nestlé opens its doors. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the world’s largest food company Dutch experience design and production agency Tinker imagineers has designed a brand new family experience, called nest. Over 100 Dutch designers, engineers and builders worked on the scenography for this open house in Vevey.

Nest is an open house with a floor area of 3,500 m2, located on the banks of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, in the place where Henri Nestlé established his first factory in 1866. With daily sales of 2 billion items, Nestlé has an enormous impact on society. At the same time, the company receives regular criticism for its social influence. That’s why Tinker, based in Utrecht, suggested creating an open house. The big idea behind nest was simply to become more transparent and engage in an honest and involved dialogue about what the company stands for.

For the first time, Nestlé is opening itself up to the public with this visitors’ attraction, showing real people with their dreams and visions, telling the story of Nestlé’s rich history, including the difficulties and mistakes, and addressing the social challenges in nutrition and health that concern us all. Visitors receive an interactive and personal look behind the scenes. During their visit they accompany the enterprise on a journey through the past, present and future across five different zones: Piazza, Fondations, Zeitgeist, Forum, and Visions.

No 3D marketing brochure

‘We definitely didn’t want to make a 3D marketing brochure,’ Erik Bär, partner/director of Tinker said. ‘That’s why we suggested to create this open house.’ For the 10-million euro project, Tinker worked with many other creative agencies, including Dutch companies Bruns (engineering & production), Mansveld (AV and light technique), YiPP interactive people (interactive games) and March21 (mini documentaries), Rockfish (musicscapes). Swiss architecture firm Concept Consult Architecture led the restauration of the former industrial site. The budget for the entire project was €45 million euros.

Eye catcher in the central atrium, Piazza, is a life size tree with more than 1200 flowers, handmade from packaging for Nestlé products. Fondations and Zeitgeist dive into the history of the multinational, while Forum makes visitors through interactive presentations aware of food and health issues and people’s responsibilities. Visions, directly under the glass roof of the building, offers a view on the future in ten different exhibits, including a VR-experience.     

Rooted in cognitive psychology, Tinker imagineers mixes the latest insights in human sense making with the storytelling and creative use of media technology. The middle size company with 40 employees landed the assignment after it first had executed a smaller assignment for the redesign of the brand experience for Mason Cailler, a subsidiary chocolate maker of Nestlé.  



4 Nest_Forum food challenges_foto Mike Bink.jpg

Forum, food challenges

11 Nest_Fondations Sotry of Page Brothers_foto Mike Bink.jpg

Fondations, Story of Page Brothers

16 Nest_visions bell jars by night_foto Mike Bink.jpg

Visions, bell jars by night / photos by Mike Bink

18 Nest_Tree detail_foto Tinker.jpg

Atruim, detail of the tree with hand made flowers from Nestlé packaging / photo Tinker