Europe by People adds to Dutch EU presidency

While the Netherlands will preside over the European Union during the first half of 2016, Amsterdam will turn into a cultural hotspot too. The capital will become a meeting place for art, culture, society and innovation and as such an inspiring example for the future of Europe.

The Netherlands will preside over the European Union for six months, starting January 1st 2016. Over twenty thousand politicians and civil workers will swarm the Dutch capital Amsterdam. But it won’t be all about politics. For over six months Amsterdam will be a cultural capital and inspiring example for our society, by providing solutions for everyday living and being a canvas on which creatives and citizens can paint a picture of Europe’s future.

The programme Europe by People, The Future of Everyday Living, that was presented this week, will look into contemporary social issues through arts and design. It will consist of four elements:

  • an interactive Wall, which can be visited online as well as offline. The actual wall around the Navy base where the formal activities takes place, will serve as a background for temporary art installations and performances.
  • the temporarily built FabCity at the Java-eiland, a self sufficient society where young people – students, artists and professionals – will work, create, research and come up with solutions for every day city problems.
  • throughout the whole periode there will be an extensive On Stage programme with theme based performances, exhibitions and projects.
  • at the same time there will be a parallel programme in Brussels, consisting of performing arts, festivals and exhibitions.

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