JWT Amsterdam starts school for sexual abuse victims in India

In partnership with Free a Girl and financed by AFAS Foundation, JWT Amsterdam has established The School for Justice in India. A school where girls who have been saved from child prostitution are trained to become lawyers and public prosecutors, enabling them to put the perpetrators of these crimes behind bars themselves.

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This school doubles as an education programme, meant for girls of all school levels. They will receive the necessary support and lessons to reach an academic level. Once they have reached that level they will participate in a five year law study programme to earn their bachelor’s degree. The ultimate goal is to convince the government to allow them to work as public prosecutors so they can change the Indian legal system from the inside out through power and perseverance. The School for Justice will collaborate with a leading faculty of law in India in order to offer this programme. The programme is ready to expand exponentially over the coming years. 

Bas Korsten, executive creative director at J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam: 'The campaign was meant to increase awareness for child prostitution in India. When we found out that the persons responsible for these crimes were hardly ever punished, we realised that a ‘normal’ campaign just wouldn’t do. Through this school we offer them the chance to persecute the criminals who once had power over them. We are genuinely proud and honoured to be one of the founding fathers of this concept.' (source: adformatie; emerce)