The Museum offers Milan visitor rest and focus

Architectural firm Space Encounters and Creative Holland together present 'The Museum', during the Salone del Mobile (9-14 april 2019) in Milan, with space for art and design from the Netherlands.

Space Encounters, recently named Emerging Designer of the Year at the Frame Awards, earlier attracted attention in Milan with the Boring Collection (2016) and Bar Anne (2018). 

The Museum is not like any other museum. Because during this trip nothing will be imposed or explained. There is no noise, no distraction; visitors do not have to think about what they will see, what they should like, how they might possibly feel or not feel. The choices have already been made.

This creates focus; a scarce commodity in a world full of distractions, and with more focus, the more you see. The attendant's clothing, the chair on which you rest, the lamp that subtly attracts attention: it all turns out to be part of the collection. ⁣

⁣'The Museum' is everything a museum can give, but less. Because less is exactly what we need.

The Museum
9 t/m 13 april 2019, 10:00-20:00 uur
Palazzo Clerici
Via Clerici, 5

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