Rapid Growth of Dutch Game Industry

Gamesmonitor is a research project that is focused on mapping the Dutch games industry in numbers. Aside from the size and growth of the industry, the Gamesmonitor also focuses on (international) collaborations between companies, knowledge institutes, ambitions, and desirable or necessary support to realize further growth.

The Dutch games industry in 2015

The industry grew quickly: from 330 game companies in 2011 to 455 in 2015, a growth of 38%. This is higher than the average growth of the Dutch economy (less than 2% growth a year). The number of professionals working in the Dutch games industry grows less fast: from 3000 to 3130 in 2015. This is the result of the fact that most of the new companies are start-ups with 1-5 employees. At most of the existing game companies, the number of employees has been stable since 2011. 

Professionalization of the games industry

The results point towards a professionalization of the sector. Characteristic for this fact is the growth of the number of service providers: companies that specialize in (for instance) game consultancy, monetization, PR and marketing, or localization.

The number of educational programs evolving around games (both bachelor and master programs, but also minors and optional courses) shows a large growth as well. A total of 36 schools offer over 65 programs that evolve around games. The outflow in 2015 comes down to an expected number of approximately 1,350 students. 

(source: Click.nl)