Ronald van der Kemp wins prestigious fashion award

'The future of couture' is how the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture describes him. The French and American Vogue feature his work on a nearly monthly basis and he has now received the most important Dutch fashion award. It’s only a matter of time before everyone in the Netherlands will know who designer Ronald van der Kemp is.

With his 'new ethics in luxury fashion' he rebels against the current fashion industry. Instead of designing six collections a year, he designs two. No mass production, but 'demi-couture', with a maximum of few dozen pieces per item, handmade by Dutch craftspeople. No waste of material, but the reuse of existing fabrics. And instead of spectacular shows full of famous models, he prefers intimate presentations, where he enjoys one-on-one talks with a select group of fashion editors. 

And that works. Since RVDK’s launch at the beginning of 2015 he has taken over the international fashion scene at a rapid pace. The French and American Vogue discuss his work on a nearly monthly basis, Marc Jacobs says he’s a fan and super stars like Kate Moss, Justin Bieber and Mary J. Blige wear his clothing.