A pavilion that is not a building in the traditional sense, but a temporary climate system built with local materials. This will be the distinctive Dutch contribution to the Dubai EXPO 2020.

The Dutch pavilion for the 35th universal exposition in Dubai (20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021) embodies the theme chosen by the Netherlands -- ‘uniting water, energy and food’ – and highlights the close connection that the Dutch create between sustainable energy, water management, agriculture and circular design.

The pavilion is designed as a circular climate system in which visitors can immerse themselves in silence, heat, cold, darkness, agriculture and water. Visitors to the pavilion experience in the most sensory possible way the Dutch knowledge and expertise when it comes to imaginatively harvesting water, energy and food.



The Dutch pavilion is designed by the Dutch Dubai consortium, made up of the German pavilion builder Expomobilia and the Dutch companies V8 Architects (architecture), Kossmann.dejong (interactive visitor experience) and Witteveen+Bos (integral installation and structural engineering). Other parties involved are Aardlab (circular principles and climate concept), Sign (circular food system), Caventou (solar energy elements), Koppert Cress (seedlings), Felixx (outdoor space design) and Buro Belén (textile).Nederlandse expertise



The concept for a temporary circular climate system has been implemented on all fronts. Everything will be built using local construction material, thereby limiting the need for transport as much as possible. After the Expo, all materials will be returned or given another function. With this approach, the ecological footprint of the pavilion is kept as small as possible. In contrast with the civil-engineering character of the exterior, the interior adds an exciting layer of light, tactility and refinement, inspired by the typical patterns in the Dutch landscape and geometrical patterns and elements from Arab culture.



The 3,727-m2 Dutch pavilion will be built in the Sustainability District at the Dubai EXPO 2020. It forms the highlight of a long-term campaign in the Gulf region to showcase Dutch expertise in the field of water, energy and food. In addition to presenting ‘the Netherlands’, the pavilion will also act as a meeting place for the businesses, knowledge institutions, government agencies and social organizations.


The 35th universal exposition takes place in Dubai from 20 October to 10 April 2021. It is the first of its kind to be held in the Middle East. Under the slogan ‘Connecting minds, creating the future’, some 170 participating countries will present innovative ideas and technologies. The aim of the Dutch contribution is to offer Dutch stakeholders from the public and private sectors a platform on which to strengthen their network and position in the Gulf region both before and during the Dubai EXPO.

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