Designmonat Graz

5 May-3 June 2018Graz, ATcreatieve industriedesign
Designmonat Graz 2017 is dedicated to the topic Smart Design – Smart Production dealing with the age of digital networking and the diverse tools of the digital transformation.

‘Industry 4.0’, ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Smart Production & Services - there are many names for the age of digital interconnection. Diverse are also the tools of digital change: simulation, modeling, or additive manufacturing by means of 3D print are only some of the tools. What they do have in common, is the fact, that creative professionals added them to the tool box of the Smart Factory. Thus, the protagonists of the creative industries are the creators of the new age and driving forces of the technological change. Former contradictions dissolve: little and big fish operate in networks hand in hand. Creative lone fighters such as developers, researchers, programmers and designers cooperate with productive industrial companies for mutual benefit. The best out of two worlds: Smart Design and Smart Production!

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