A new phenomenon is spreading like an epidemic: Webcam Child Sex Tourism. A virtual 10-year-old Filipino girl named Sweetie was invented to catch the predators.

Webcam Child Sex Tourism is spreading fast. Men from rich countries pay children in poor countries to perform sexual acts in front of webcams. Terre des Hommes, a Dutch NGO figthing against child exploitation, started a campaign to raise awareness for the problem and in the meantime helped catch 1.000 digital sex tourists.

Advertising agency Lemz came up with the idea for the campaign, for which a virtual a 10-year-old Filipino girl named Sweetie was created. On the internet this handsome virtual girl lured over 1.000 predators from 71 countries into a trap. Terre des Hommes handed over their dossiers to Interpol and many of the man have been arrested.

The daring campaign attracted over 1 billion viewers. Webcam Child Sex Tourism is now a globally recognized problem. Governments are changing policies. Arrests have been made and children have been rescued.

www.terredeshommes.nl | lemz.net