2-4 Mei 2019Brooklyn, NYcommunicatiedesign
Uenoland is the conference the makers always wanted to attend but never found. So they decided to create it themselves. It’s an excuse to gather together a bunch of awesome speakers and attendees, a place to make new friends, meet old friends, and learn new ways of seeing and doing things.

Who will be speaking?

The speakers and performers at Uenoland will be an eclectic and surprising mix of smart and funny people with different background and experiences. You can talk to designers and developers, comedians and rappers, shark photographers and pirates. At Uenoland there will be talked about the smart and funny thing people have done, and tell why and how they did them. 

What is Uenoland about?

Uenoland is about creativity and inspiration, the most valuable things humans have. It's about experimenting, evolving and trying new things. It's about the Ueno Theory of Everything: that the more you know about everything, the better you will be at everything

Where and when?

Uenoland will take place on May 2-4, 2019. at the A/D/O in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Check out A/D/O's website and Instagram.


More information on: https://www.ueno.land/